{ March 26, 2016 }

They did it! Tierney and Efi’s long-awaited wedding is sadly (depressingly) over. But oh what a time it was. I am so incredibly happy for them! Tierney’s born-to-be-a-bride looks stunned the crowd and Efi looked as dapper as ever (although I only have one iPhone photo to prove it). It’s a true honor to be their third wheel.



{ March 5, 2016 }

Almost 2 years have gone by since Tierney and Efi got engaged (remember this?), and now it’s finally time to start celebrating and making this official. First stop Savannah Georgia for the Bachelorette party. I couldn’t feel luckier to know this group of girls, most of which I’ve known since highschool.  A lot has changed since then, but no matter where we go, we stick together. Can’t wait for the wedding… one week!

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{ January 16, 2016 }



{ December 28, 2015 }

My parents made up for the past 25 years by hosting 3 christmas parties this holiday. I spent most of my waking hours submerged in dish water, but it was worth it. The only thing that could have made it more perfect, was a little snow. There’s always next year. Merry Christmas everyone!



{ December 3, 2015 }

Each year, there is so much to be thankful for. A big game changer for me this season has been my parents moving back to Connecticut, bringing them closer in proximity to our extended family. It was the first year I can remember, where I had a home base, allowing us to start new traditions like preparing Christmas ravioli! I am incredibly lucky to have such a warm, close-knit family, and so very thankful to be able to see them more often now.


Kath + Renée

{ October 5, 2015 }

It was an honor to shoot Kath and Renée’s wedding day. They were married on a crisp and beautiful fall afternoon on a dock, followed by a backyard reception. Every detail of the day was personal and intimate and it was a pleasure being there. I even got a seat at the table! Congrats to the newly weds xo



{ September 21, 2015 }

Happy 3rd Birthday to the cutest, most lovable nephew a person could ask for.

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