{ January 16, 2016 }



{ December 28, 2015 }

My parents made up for the past 25 years by hosting 3 christmas parties this holiday. I spent most of my waking hours submerged in dish water, but it was worth it. The only thing that could have made it more perfect, was a little snow. There’s always next year. Merry Christmas everyone!



{ December 3, 2015 }

Each year, there is so much to be thankful for. A big game changer for me this season has been my parents moving back to Connecticut, bringing them closer in proximity to our extended family. It was the first year I can remember, where I had a home base, allowing us to start new traditions like preparing Christmas ravioli! I am incredibly lucky to have such a warm, close-knit family, and so very thankful to be able to see them more often now.


Kath + Renée

{ October 5, 2015 }

It was an honor to shoot Kath and Renée’s wedding day. They were married on a crisp and beautiful fall afternoon on a dock, followed by a backyard reception. Every detail of the day was personal and intimate and it was a pleasure being there. I even got a seat at the table! Congrats to the newly weds xo



{ September 21, 2015 }

Happy 3rd Birthday to the cutest, most lovable nephew a person could ask for.

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